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Dingle Peninsula Star Wars Tour

Dingle Sle Head Tours / Dingle Peninsula Star Wars Tour

Dingle Peninsula Star Wars Tour

Time:  9:30am-1:30pm {optional}

Accommodation pick up: Dingle

Cost per person: 40 Euro per person


Tour Highlights:

    1. Eask Tower View – Round Tower built  in 1847 overlooking Dingle Bay.
    2. Ventry Harbour & Pier – One of Ireland’s deepest harbors.
    3. Beehive Huts –  Visit The Fahan Beehive Huts. It is like steping into the real Star Wars Set.
    4. Hold a Baby Lamb – Have you ever held a baby lamb? 
    5. Magnificent views of The Blasket Islands – Explore the beauty of The Great Basket Islands, steeped in Irish culture and history.
    6. Coumeenole Beach – Walk on one of the most iconic beaches on The Dingle Peninsula.
    7. Dingle Star Wars Set Location – Check out the set location where Star Wars was filmed on The  Dingle Peninsula.
    8. Dunmore Head– Check out Ireland’s most westerly point and one of the Star Wars set Locations.
    9. Gallarus Oratory– One of the finest examples of an ancient early christian church.
    10. Connor Pass – Travel along Ireland’s Highest mountain pass by road. Not for the faint hearted!                                                                                                              Contact Us

Dingle Star Wars Tour

Original Star Wars Set

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