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Nestled in the southwest corner of Ireland is the charming Dingle Peninsula, a heavenly slice of traditional Ireland, where culture and natural beauty effortlessly combine. One of the most photogenic areas in the country, Dingle has a deep green centre, abundant in rolling hills, shimmering loughs and phenomenal mountain passes, while its rugged coastline is a joy to behold. Towering cliffs give way to endless golden beaches, packed with wildlife and adventures waiting to be taken. 

Not only is the Dingle Peninsula rich in natural beauty, but it also has a huge depth of cultural magnificence. Dotted with charming towns and villages where Gaelic is still widely spoken, there is a wealth of world-class local crafts, a tradition for fine, locally sourced food and enviable history. With sites of interest that stretch from the iron age, right through Ireland’s introduction to Christianity, there are hundreds of ways to delve into the history of the country in this tiny, idyllic region. 

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What to see and do on the Dingle Peninsula

Whatever your tastes, you can be sure there will be something incredible to entertain you while you take your break on the Dingle Peninsula. Here are a few of our very favorite attractions in the area.

Where to Stay on the Dingle Peninsula

We have put together a list of the accommodations in the region that we love.

Discover The Wild Atlantic Way


Discover the Wild Atlantic Way route where 2,500km of spectacular coastline with white sands and glittering waves awaits you. Head along the coast to uncover over 180 Wild Atlantic Way Discovery Points where the views are breathtaking and local stories are told.

Feel the power of the Atlantic Ocean as it crashes into the base of towering sea cliffs, wander down vast beaches and watch flocks of birds dance in pastel skies as the sun sets on another magical day.

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