Ireland Escorted – The Best Way to Discover Ireland is with a Local Tour

We will admit that there is some bias here, we are a tour company and we do sell tours around Ireland, but we are here to lay down the reasons why it is best to be escorted, rather than try to do it all yourself. Escorted tours of Ireland have become more and more popular over the years, and for good reason, so if you are planning on visiting, sit back and get ready to discover why you should relax and allow yourself to discover Ireland escorted. 

Make your vacation hassle-free

The world has got much smaller and easier to navigate with the advent of the internet to do your research, and smartphones to guide you around. And we are the first to admit that planning a trip is great fun, researching and discovering things to do, but in our experience, the thrill soon wears off and it becomes a bit like having another job. Trying to squeeze in another night on your itinerary before you go to bed can seem like a task after a while. 

So here, many people turn to the big tour companies with the advertising budgets and showy Irishness. However, with these guys you are never going to scratch the surface, just pack in a load of highlights and bog-standard coach hotels. This is where the smaller operators like us come in. We live and breathe Ireland, we know the spots to take you that will leave indelible imprints on your memory. We can plan the whole vacation and make it as escorted as you like, with freedom built in to let you bet the best of both worlds. Take a step back from the planning and let the local experts take you on an adventure you will never forget. 

Undiscovered Ireland

Now, it is always nice to see the highlights. You wouldn’t want to go to Paris and not see the Eiffel Tower, but as with all countries, the true beauty of Ireland lies off the beaten path. Some people choose to be tour guides, they learn the history of their route and can churn out the facts about all the big stops. Folk like us, we are natural tour guides, those who were born and raised in these areas, who know all the hidden beauty spots because that is where we went as kids, and this is how you add glorious depth to your escorted trip around Ireland. 

Our team know the west coast of Ireland like nobody else. Dingle and Kerry are our specialities and we know every hidden bay, every historical site, no matter how insignificant it may seem. And it’s not just the places, we know the people, the family-run glassblowers, the 10th generation farmers and we might just know a few folks that own a pub or two! We can show you the real Ireland, the wild, beautiful and untouched side of this natural paradise. 

Meet the locals

Travelling around Ireland under your own steam is going to be a good experience, no doubt about it, but when it comes to living a bit of the Irish life, there is no better way than travelling with a local guide. Take Dingle Town for instance. When you arrive there, you might think, let’s go to the pub. Smart move, but here comes the problem. In this tiny town of 2,000 people, there are over 50 pubs to choose from, so odds are that you are going to head into one where nothing is happening, have a nice pint or two and head home. With a local guide to set up your trip, you can just ask them and find out exactly where there is live music and a cracking atmosphere and head out and have the night of your life. 

Your guide can pick you out the best places to stay, to eat and to visit, ensuring you meet the most interesting characters to make your time in Ireland a true experience. 

Learn the history

The history of Ireland is so intensely rich, you could spend your life learning about it. There is plenty of evidence of stone age and iron age dwellings and farming, right through the rise and dominance of Christianity, that in parts of the country you can hardly go two miles without stumbling across some fascinating remains. There has even been some evidence of people who existed a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away! Incredible places like the Skellig Isles are not just home to 11th Century Monastic dwellings, but Luke Skywalkers holiday retreat. 

This history can be learned from a book, but what better way to discover it than to have a local expert tell you all about it as you visit each site. Having someone there to bring the history to life in front of your very eyes is an incredible experience. The smaller the group, the more of a chance you get to ask questions, to really immerse yourself in the history of Ireland and we pride ourselves on our small groups and direct customer attention that you cant get everywhere. 


Now, with many big tour groups, you are stuck on a bus going from point A to point C, and if you are interested in stopping at B along the way, tough! Big tours are so restricted that you can’t really build your own interests into the itinerary. Maybe you love history, or you want to visit places relevant to your family tree, but on a scheduled tour, none of this is possible. 

Visiting Ireland, escorted by a local tour operator gives you the ultimate in flexibility. You can design your tours in advance, or even on the day mention that you love wildlife photography or want to swim in a local beauty spot and your guide will be able to accommodate your requests. Not only are you using their local knowledge, but you are getting to see the Ireland that you want to see, the one that interests you most. 

Dingle Slea Head Tours offer a wide range of trips around Ireland. Whether you want intensive day trips, explorations of the Ring of Kerry or bigger discovery trips around the whole of the country, we have got you covered. So, if you are visiting Ireland, make sure to give us a shout and start planning your escorted trip around the Emerald Isle the right way. 

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